Calibration of Pressure Measuring Devices

Calibration of Pressure Measuring Devices



The Laboratory for Pressure Measuring in the Division for Avionics is an accredited laboratory in the field of calibration of the following types of pressure gauges:
• indicating pressure gauges with an elastic measuring elements,
• load-piston manometers,
• aneroid,
• electronic read-out pressure gauges,
• pressure converter,
• boost gauge.
The Laboratory has been accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (Certificate No AP 004) in the area of calibration of pressure measuring devices. Besides, it was granted the Certificate No AB 134 in the field of pressure gauge testing, pressure measurement in closed containers and leaktightness testing.

Manager of Laboratory Tadeusz KWIATKOWSKI
tel. (22) 685 16 04

Księcia Bolesława 6
01-494 Warsaw, P.O. Box 96
Working hours: 730 - 1530

NIP (Tax No.) 525-000-72-82
REGON 010401369

telephone+48 261 85 13 00


KRS 0000164795
Region Cort for Warsaw
XIII Economic Department

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