IbtlThe history of the Air Force Institute of Technology dates back to 1918, when the Scientific & Technological Division was established within the Department for Aeronautics of the Ministry of Military Affairs. In 1921 the Division was changed into the Military Center of Aeronautical Research, the main tasks of which were: examination of products of aeronautical engineering, acceptance of aircraft from aircraft factories, and technical supervision over production.

Due to technological progress in the field of aeronautics in the twenties of the 20th century, the Military ITLCenter of Aeronautical Research was changed again into the Institute of Technological Research into Aeronautics in 1926. Its scope of its activities was also expanded, including aero-engine testing, working out the programme of development of aeronautical engineering and of aircraft industry in Poland.

The Institute of Technological Research into Aeronautics existed until 1936, when it was transformed into the Aviation Institute of Technology. The main task of that Institute was new air-equipment testing. It required development – in cooperation with aircraft industry – of aircraft construction rules and creation of proper

Inbwltechnical conditions for aircraft and aero-engines. Flight tests of new aircraft prototypes, as well as tests of air-equipment and air armament
ITWL logowere very important lines of Institute’s activities.
The outbreak of the Second World War brought the state of suspended activity to the Institute. On June 17th, 1953 Ministry of National Defence decided to establish the Air Force Research Institute, the main task of which was research and development support of products of aeronautical engineering. In 1958 the name of the Institute was changed into the Air Force Institute of Technology and remains in force since then.












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Who are we?

The Air Force Institute of Technology is a scientific and research organisation, which is supervised by the Minister of National Defence. Its mission is scientific support and research into problems of operating of products of aeronautical engineering.


• Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
• IT support systems
• Tests and assessment preparing to the extension of service life
• Modernization and tests of aircrafts
• Training systems, i.a. simulators, e-learning
• Propellants and lubricants
• Non-destructive materials testings
• Manufacturing of composites
• Airfield pavements and systems